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Updated: Mar 5, 2020


Let’s face it, at some point or another we have looked at our closet and said “I have nothing to wear” while staring at a closet full of clothes. Sometimes we just wear something because we do not have much time in the morning, and say “ugh, this doesn’t look good”, but it is too late to change. We shop for that really cool graphic tee because we think that it will score with the “shawties or fellas”, but in the end we end up looking like dorks, leaving the club alone. Listen ladies and gentlemen, you know why this is happening? Because you have no real strategy about what to wear, and why you’re buying certain clothes. You’ve been aimlessly adding shit to your closet that doesn’t match who you want to be.

Your boy Gerardy is about to Hook. You. Up! Because I’m about to help you realize why you should want to dress better, and how.


To make any real change in an old habit, first you must know your why? Here are a few reasons why you should want to dress better. You can write these down as reminders:

  • You will get more compliments. People notice when you look great. If you’re a guy, women love well-dressed men. Ladies, guys want to marry a well-dressed woman. 😉

  • Attractive people attract other attractive people. People will want to approach you at events, or even out in the street.

  • You will have access to more opportunities just because of the fact that you look great.

  • You will feel more confident. People that look good, feel good. That’s a fact.

  • You will want to interact with more people, which expands upon creating more opportunities for yourself.


Have you ever heard people say, “it’s not about what you wear, it’s about your personality”. One, that’s total bullshit, and those people don’t know how to dress. Two, it’s more difficult to show your amazing personality to that beautiful man or woman, or that person you want to do business with, if you’re looking like you just came out of a marvel movie with that avengers shirt, but you’re at the club. Or your shirt is wrinkled and untucked in that business presentation or interview. People care what you look like, and so should you!

Our appearance is just like opening a door that gives other people access to what’s on the other side.


Think about this for a minute, do you remember the last time you looked like a million bucks? Maybe the first time you wore a suit? Or that little black dress, that made you feel super confident? Could have been your graduation, your prom, an interview, a wedding, any event where you looked at yourself in the mirror and thought “Damn, I look good?” How did that make you feel? Don’t worry I’ll wait.

EXACTLY! You felt amazing the entire day, nobody could tell you anything, you walked taller, you spoke louder, and you felt like the man or woman. You were like “Chuck Norris who? I’m the shit”. What if I told you could feel like this every day, no matter what you wear?


Now, I’m not going to be a savage and say you should wear a three piece suit or a ball gown everywhere you go. That would be ridiculous! It’s about wearing clothes that fit you properly, not too loose or too tight. I feel it’s about clean lines, timeless colors that work well with each other. You should have pieces in your closet that you can interchange with each other in order to combine multiple outfits. This is something called Interchangeable Wardrobe or Capsule Wardrobe, which I will cover on a different post.

Also, it’s not even about expensive clothing. You don’t have to go broke buying the latest Supreme or Off White gear to be stylish. However, I can tell that it is a waste of time and money to buy cheap clothes. When I say cheap, I don’t mean just on sale, I mean clothes that look and feel cheap. Good clothes are not expensive, but quality does come at a price. Don’t get sucked into the next sale without knowing yourself, having a plan, or determining what kind of clothing fits your lifestyle, you will end up making an expensive mistake, called impulse buying. You end up buying that asymmetrical red and blue tee at Zara, which you will wear for a little while. Maybe once more on July 4th, and then it will sit in your closet forever, or until you decide to donate it.

In the meantime, do some research, or if you prefer, reach out to me to help you determine your style. So you don’t have to be jealous of other men and women on the gram. This time, you will be cause of envy to others.

On my next post I will offer some neat concepts on how to start building your dream wardrobe with a strategy I call targeted shopping. And, no, I don’t mean shopping at Target 😒. It’s about creating a plan that you can stick to in order to make smarter and more efficient purchases.

Until next time, I’m here for you, to help you #designyourlife!

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