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Updated: Mar 17

Step 1: Choosing What to Wear

DISCLAIMER: I relinquish all responsibility for you being the best dressed guy in the room. ;-)

So let's get started! I have never attended a wedding as a guest. As a part time makeup artist, I have attended hundreds of weddings, but have only seen the laborious and stressful part of them. The back and forth of getting the bride ready, waking up at odd hours of the day to make sure the bride, her bridesmaids, and the groom are ready on time. It is very rewarding to see how happy the bride is once her makeup is done and she's wearing her beautiful white gown. The groom, dressed in that sharp tuxedo, bow tie, and shined shoes. The MOST EXCITING part of the event is coming! And then we leave!

It is a perfect case of always the groomsman, never the groom times ten. So, when my girlfriend invited me to her cousin's wedding a few weeks ago; I was very excited to say the least. "My first wedding!" I thought. So the most popular question of all time popped into my head: "What am I going to wear?" 🤔

Right off the bat, I knew that a suit was the right choice. It was actually the only choice. I love suits, I think they are appropriate for every occasion, and can totally wear one to buy hot chocolate (I don't drink coffee, lol) if you asked me to. And this wedding was no exception, for the most part there are not many choices for these type of events. Especially if you want to be the best dressed guy there.

I have never been afraid of being the best dressed person in a room. I love fashion, I love style, and I believe that your image is your brand. Therefore, the question "What am I going to wear?" became "What would be the right suit for me?"

Personally, I have not had great experiences buying suits so far. That may have stemmed from the fact that I was trying to buy suits at a deal. I would see a $99 suit online from Zara, and think "Holy crap! That's a good deal!"

Up until now, I thought that Zara or Express were the best companies to build my closet. I was obsessed with them! They are a great brand, they have trendy pieces, the fabric looked great, the tapered construction fits my body shape, "What's there not to love?". And then I discovered that not all garments were created equal. I started studying the brand and noticed several inconsistencies between the same size/ fit garment. Those differences ranged from pants length, chest size, sleeve length, fabric texture & quality, the rise on the crotch. Even though they are very successful companies; they aren't the brands to build a timeless, long lasting wardrobe with.

For me, the conclusion of this conundrum was to get a custom suit made. Follow me in the next few days as I write about the adventure it is to get my first tailor made suit, and how it all comes together with a photoshoot at the end.

Written with Love,


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