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We have reached the most important part of this process. This is what makes or breaks the complete outfit. I am talking about the fit. You can have all the inspiration you want, the best fabric you can afford, but if the garment does not fit your body shape; everything you just went through would have been in vain.

It Is All About You

Whether you have a tailor, or you are purchasing your suit from a website, it is crucial that you know your measurements. Made-to-measure websites have many tutorials on how to take your own measurements. If you go to a tailor, and they don't feel like they need to measure you. Run! Run as fast as you can. I am talking from experience! Have you heard of the story of the tailor who didn't measure his client? One time I went to a tailor to get a spring jacket built, because I have a slim body type, he felt that he didn't need to measure me. He was very confident about my measurements, and I didn't know any better. I have always been a trusting fellow, so took his word for it. To make the long story short, even though the jacket was well constructed, the sleeves were too short for my arms, and it fit too tight for my shoulders.

From then on, I made sure my measurements were taken every time I went to get something tailor made. Which brings me to the next point, dress for the body you have now! I know every year comes around and we have big audacious goals of getting super fit. Whether we want to lose weight, or gain muscle. However, it is very difficult to predict what our bodies are going to be a month or even three months from now. And for those of us, me included, less disciplined in the art of consistency when it comes to going to the gym, it is very important to get the best fit possible right now. I mean, you don't want to walk around with a baggy suit, because you believe you'll be extra buff a few months down the road.

But not all hope is lost, if you know that you will have a body like Hercules in a few months, there are ways to add a little bit of extra fabric along different key parts of the suit. This can allow for minor adjustments down the road. I don't believe that made to measure web services offer these allowances. However, you can discuss your fitness goals with your tailor, and they should be able to create a garment taking your goals into consideration. Just keep in mind that it is easier to size down, than it is to size up.

Fitting Your Pants

Have you ever stopped and asked what is the point of a suit? I mean, other than being a completely sexy piece of clothing. The purpose of a suit is to be one continuous garment from top to bottom. Essentially wearing a belt will only serve to break up the flow, creating an abrupt stopping point in your midsection. Therefore, you want to make sure your pants fit you perfectly. There are a few solutions for how to adjust your pants to prevent them from falling, which I will discuss on the next step.

So far you have been inspired, you have gone shopping for the perfect fabric, your measurements have been taken with major scrutiny. Yet, there are a few more details to keep in mind if you are to be the best dressed self you deserve to be. In my next article I will discuss those key details that may not be so obvious from the start.

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